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Kapsia Cave
Cave Kapsia located 15 km from Tripoli, near the village Kapsia Mantinea.Visitors can admire the colorful stalagmites and stalactites which impress with their elegance and form.The French archaeologist Gustav Fouzer which the excavations in Ancient Mantinea discovered the cave in the year 1887 finds human bones and pottery artefacts.It ranks among the 10 most valuable important caves in Greece with
Lousios River
Lucius long river 23 kilometers stems from the plateau of Karkala and poured into the region Karitena.Always according to the tradition of the River Lousios "bathed" Zeus from nymphs after birth.Passing the Ancient Gortyn called Gortynia river, taking its name from the name of the region. A special feature is that its waters maintain the same temperature all year round.In Lousios River organized and
Kolokotronis House
In the heart of Arcadia is the village of Greece Libovisi famous as the village of Kolokotronis.It is the village of liberator of the Greek race of the late Theodore Kolokotronis.But the historic church of St. John and the renovated house of Kolokotronis by evegrgeti II. Angelopoulos characterize the existence of the Leader of Greece.As a place of particular interest home Kolokotronis attracts many
Wetland Moustos
Nearby and very close in distance to Paralio Astros is the wetland Moustos.It is said that there was the old port of Paralio Astros from where it was loaded the must, since the area of ​​Thireas the old days was famous for its vineyards.The wetland is of great environmental importance. Both the flora (rushes, reeds, straw, etc.) and fauna (fish, eels, waterfowl, etc.) are rich in the area. Apart


Dimitsana is a true legend in the history of the Peloponnese and the offer of the nation during the revolution of 1821.From the sights worth visiting visit the monastery Philosopher. This is one of the most important monasteries in Greece. It consists of two complexes. The Old and the New Monastery. The Old Philosopher monastery founded in 967. The monument is wedged on a tall vertical rock and the